Top Drake’s songs that will help you get through your breakup

First things first, sorry for a long ass break. There is legit no excuse, I just didn’t feel like writing anything. Now, We all go through breakups. Breakups can be mushy and messy and whether you like to admit it or not, we all go through the phase where we listen to ‘sad songs’ after midnight. Don’t be ashamed, we all have that playlist!

When it comes to making a song that will hit you right in the feels, nobody does it better than Drake. He has had his share of heartbreaks. From Rihana to Serena Williams, everybody has trampled him. To be honest, I still remember the night I came home after buying his newly released album ‘Take Care’ (Yes kids! We used to buy albums in CD form, we didn’t have Spotify or Apple music back then). I was 12 then and got sentimental about a girl I had a crush on who didn’t even know I existed. She probably reading this post though.

So let’s see some songs by Drake, that will get you through your breakup (Tip: Combination of these songs and alcohol really go together very well!)

  • Marvins Room

Album: Take Care

SPOILER!!! Do not listen to this song if you are not on talking terms with your ex because you WILL call her/him after hearing this one.

  • Shot For Me


Album: Take Care

  • Doing It Wrong


Album: Take Care

  • Good Ones Go


Album: Take care

Note: This is actually the second part of the Cameras/Good Ones Go (Interlude), so you might want to skip ahead if you are listening to this on a music streaming service app

  • From Time ft. Jhene Aiko


Album: Nothing Was The Same

  • Karaoke


Album: Thank Me Later

  • Too Much ft. Sampha


Album: Nothing Was The Same

  • Trust Issues



Album: Single

Note: This is kind of a remix of Drake’s verse on the song ‘I’m On One’ by DJ Khaled. Unfortunately you can’t find this song on any music streaming service, only on YouTube. I suggest you listen to The Weeknd’s version of this song!

These are some of the top songs in my ‘After midnight hours’ playlist. I have been through some stuff, I need this!! Now I’ll end this post by naming Drake’s debut album “Thank Me Later”. Get it?

Author: Mehul

Hey! I am Mehul Mehta and I am 19. Remember the name.