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Let’s talk about my transformation

In every school you’ll see those guys, who are popular, into sports and always surrounded by girls. I was the exact opposite of that. I was a computer geek in a terrible shape and I don’t think anybody from outside my class knew me. Of course occasionally, some girl would pull my cheek saying “you are cute!” but that’s it. For everybody I was just a little asian guy. My Instagram feed was like shit. I posted pics of flowers and quotes (though I never made a car or an anime girl as my profile picture unlike some of you).

Despite all this, I had a girlfriend. You know how high school relationships can get. So when we broke up, I was a mess. Now fellas! What is the first thing you do after a breakup? Exactly! You head to the gym after you are over ‘listening to sad songs after 12AM’ phase. You workout so you can post some racy shirtless photos of yourself, so your ex can regret. Don’t disagree, we all do this. This is how a male mind works. Guys want to make their ex girlfriend jealous more than anything in this world. But the problem was I was scrawny and lazy. Years of sitting behind a computer screen had fucked my body up. But my high school was over and I had some time before college started, so I thought I would give it a try anyways.

As they say, first few weeks, you’ll be in a lot of pain. I was. My core hurted so much that I was unable to lean forward. But I eased into it. The tough thing is not working out, but to be constant with it. It’s natural that you loose your determination over time. I mean, no one likes going to the gym, lift heavy weights, be all sweaty and gasping for breath. The mere idea of working out was exhausting. Also, there were too many distractions. The new season of ‘Game of Thrones’ had just come out, a new pizzeria opened near my home and my college is legit in a market. But I was determined to make changes.

It had been 3 months and I didn’t see a single change in my body. I was still the skinny teen I was 3 months ago. I asked my trainer about it and asked why it’s not working out for me. He said that it will be 3 months more even before I start gaining a pound of mass. I was like “Fuck! It’s taking too damn long”, I thought it would be a 6 months deal maximum before I can start bragging about my abs. I was legit on the verge of giving up when I say my ex posted a picture with her new boyfriend. I was like “Nah, I am gonna show her” and continued with my workout routine. Edit: They broke up after a few months and I am happy.

Now, It’s been two years and I have become a total ‘Gym Dude’. I drink my protein shakes, count my macros and make occasional loud noises in the gym while lifting heavy weights. Complex carbs and Saturated fats are my enemies and oh yes! I post shirtless photos now and then. You should see the DMs I get!

Author: Mehul

Hey! I am Mehul Mehta and I am 19. Remember the name.