How to get that Polaroid Vintage look on your photos

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with the Kardashian family (No, I am not a basic ass bitch and I don’t watch¬†‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’……not since Khloe and Lamar split up!). Kim Kardashian has over 115 million followers. So, naturally when she started posting pictures with that cool polaroid vintage look with occasional ‘light leaks’, the whole Instagram was bound to follow. It gives your feed a nice aesthetic look and I know that you are more worried about your IG feed than your college grades (This generation is fucked y’all!). So I did some research and found some ways and apps to get that look on your photos.


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  • Use VSCO filters and editing tools

Com’on, you all already know VSCO. If you don’t, you need to get out from that rock you are living under. VSCO is one of the most mainstream and powerful app you will find on the app store. You need to download it ASAP.

So what exactly gives the vintage look? The grain and the high contrast. You can get these both using VSCO. You will need to download the filters ‘HB1’ and ‘HB2’ that you can find under ‘the HypeBeast’ pack (Don’t worry it’s free! Your broke ass can afford it). Use either one of the filters, whichever one you find suitable, Then go to contrast and raise it by +1 to +3. Then go to grain. Don’t use too much grain, at most +6 if the camera was really close to your face or +3 for a full body shot. You can also play with and use ‘Fade’ and ‘Highlights’ to take your pic to the next level.

  • Polycam (Only for android users)

Now, this is not ‘the most popular app’ out there but I swear to god, it’s one of the most powerful one. You can click photos using this app’s own camera or edit the pre-clicked ones and apply many vintage filters, set their intensity. You can even apply many filters for light leaks (A very vague definition for light leaks would be a glitch in the lighting of your picture, it doesn’t exactly ruin the photos, just give it a nice look). So yes, if you are an android user, you can use this app to become the ultimate hippie on Instagram! Chicks dig that!

  • Huji Cam

Y’all remember those disposable cameras? In which you have to put negative films and then have to wait for them to get developed? Chances are 75% of you are born after 2000s so you don’t know about them and you listen to ‘Lil Pump’. Well Huji Cam turns your smartphone to a disposable camera. You will get a real grainy picture with light leaks, vintage effect and a timestamp on the side. But you can’t edit pictures with this app. Now don’t be a dumbhead and try to click a picture of your picture. It doesn’t work that way!


So, these were some apps to get you that polaroid vintage look like Kim K.¬† Now your Instagram profile will look fire and you’ll never have a dry notification bar!

Author: Mehul

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